Finding your signature style for work can take a bit of practice, and with the trend for office workers in suits and ties a style for a bygone era, it leaves an enormous opportunity to experiment more with your daytime style, without pushing the limits of propriety too far. In this blog, we’ll discuss some easy styles for work and the right shoes for the job, taking the mystery out of what to wear and letting you get back to business.

Men’s slip on shoes

Loafers or moccasins for men are quite casual in style, so they’ll be perfect for a relaxed dress code in the office, or a dress down Friday kind of vibe. Pair with dark denim or chinos in the summer for a comfortable yet professional look. We love the Barker Adrian in chestnut calf leather with weave pattern for a subtle texture difference to make your feet oh so stylish. If you want to keep it classy, you can’t go wrong with the black high shine Barker Newark, understated, simple and timeless.

Men’s Oxford shoes

If your job requires you to dress smart and look the part then you’ll need a pair of smart black laced shoes, and we would urge you to consider a pair of Oxfords. The Loake Rothschild Oxford’s are handmade using the highest quality leather for a superior end result, and the Loake Bibury shoes are the perfect blend of classic style, modern craftsmanship and comfortable design so that you’ll feel great wearing these all day.

Comfort above all else

If you do your best work when you’re comfortable, you’ll probably wish you worked from home so you can stay in pyjamas all day, but when you do have to eventually venture outdoors to the office, the best thing for your feet are casual but well-crafted trainers. For this scenario, we think you’ll love the Barker Miami men’s trainer with perforated calf leather and chunky blue contrast soles.

Practical yet stylish

When you need to combine the practicality of a boot with the style of a brogue, we have just the thing – the Barker Calder high ankle boots will keep your feet warm and dry on your commute to the office, without having to change when you get there to look respectable in your business attire. They’re also comfortable enough to wear all day, so they can take you from office to pub for a few after work.

Ladies monk strap shoes

We don’t just cater for men, we also have an impressive range of quality footwear for women too. For professional and stylish shoes for work, we love the navy leather and beige patent leather accents in the Barker Taylor shoes, guaranteed to help you stand out at the office (for all the right reasons). Pair with a smart pair of trousers, or a skirt and tights to really show them off.