Having a versatile and flattering suit collection in your wardrobe is great for peace of mind, because now you’ll know no matter what the occasion you’ll have a suit to, well, suit. With so many colours, materials, textures and patterns available now, it can be a bit intimidating knowing where to start looking for the perfect suit colour for any occasion, but luckily that’s where we can help.

Black suit

While it might be your first choice, a black suit is not actually the most versatile choice out there. While in theory it can used for business, formal occasions and funerals, a grey suit is more suitable for these and is generally a lot more flattering on a wider range of skin tones. Black suits will starkly contrast everything so try on a grey suit before you commit to this one – you might be pleasantly surprised. Keep the black suits for formal dinners only.

Navy and blue

A navy suit is a great investment, and with it is jointly tied in first place with grey suits for versatility. Navy suits are traditional, elegant and suitable for both business and pleasure, so you can wear them to the office or a wedding without worrying that you’ll fit in. A blue suit it for casual wear only, and in many cases it’s just the jacket that will be teamed with a different coloured pair of trousers for a relaxed, yet sophisticated weekend look.

Grey scale

Grey suits are ideal first suits due to their versatility, and the many different hues and shades means that it is easy to find a suit to flatter your skin tone and colouring. A dark grey suit can be worn anywhere – to work, to church, to a funeral, and it is an easy colour to match to shirts and ties. Light grey suits are an excellent choice as well, however best suited to spring and summer.

Brown and tan suit

A brown suit is not for formal wear, so probably better suited to tweed jackets or sports coats. It’s generally a very flattering shade for most hair colours and skin tones, but if you are limited to wardrobe space and budget then this is probably the least likely to make the cut. A tan suit is definitely just for summer wear, and for less formal occasions as it’s acceptable to forego a tie with this suit colour.

Linen suit

The ultimate wardrobe must-have to look dashing and debonair in high summer, and of course for conjuring up images of well-dressed and well to do gentleman of a bygone era. Due to its heavy creasing however it is not recommended for formal use, more like garden parties or wedding receptions. Pair with pastels to complete the look.