At a time when the words ‘artisan’, ‘craft’ and ‘locally sourced’ are emblazoned left, right and centre, customers rightfully tire of such terms. Often, the reality is that, what we think is locally sourced and unique, has actually covered thousands of air-miles and is mass produced. The shoe industry suffers from this, just like many others. So how can we at Robinson’s Shoes make a genuine claim to be different from other brands?

Gloria Prisca Novatur- The Glory of Old Made New

Above is the motto of one business and one town, the business is Robinson’s Shoes and the town is Carrickfergus. Robinson's Shoes first opened in the town in 1954 as a family run shoe shop, today it remains and is run by the third generation of the same family. It’s not just in motto that Robinson’s has remained firmly rooted in the local environment but also in products.

Carrickfergus is a seaside town, dominated by a coastal castle in the county Antrim. The county’s name was also used for the Robinson Antrim, a sophisticated Oxford style shoe. The shoe represents all things Robinson’s with a muted black leather finish, but it’s in the detail that you see the shoes outstanding pedigree. The shoe was made by Cheaney, on behalf of Robinson’s Shoes, using only components sourced locally to the famed English Shoemaker. In many ways, the Antrim encapsulates the Robinson’s brand. The shoe is an updated version of a classic, it is diverse enough for social and professional use and it is both durable and comfortable.

Fitting Service

At Robinson’s we not only sell great brands such as Barker, Dubarry and Anatomic, we help people select the best shoes for them. You may think that wearing the right shoes is a given, however in the UK a third of people wear shoes that aren't the correct size. We offer personalised fitting appointments, whereby one of our team find the shoe with the perfect measurements for your foot length and width.

If you suffer pain in your legs, back pain or even headaches a shoe fitting appointment could go a long way in improving your comfort levels. Visit the fitting page to learn more or call 02893 355 464 an arrange an appointment now.


While a run-of-the-mill high street shoe store stocks shoe care products, can they advise you on best practice? We take pride in our encyclopaedic knowledge of our products and the materials they are made from. When we part with a shoe, we want it to stay in great shape for years to come and for the owner to be well informed.

At present, we are giving away a free Robinson’s shoe tree with selected purchases, helping you maintain your shoes’ shape and avoid creasing. The shoe trees are just part of a wider shoe care range and combined with our expert knowledge, you can leave our store confident you’ve made the right buy.

See for yourself
If you are trying to find the right shoe and need some help, why not call our store and organise a fitting appointment? If you live in one of the 100 countries served by Robinson’s email us for the best advice on finding the right shoe for you.