With back-to-school season now in full swing, parents will be scrambling to buy the compulsory uniforms and getting the kids measured up for their new school shoes. With so much choice around finding your child the right pair of shoes that will be comfortable and durable can be a minefield.

Whilst most kids like to start off their first day of class wearing any new pair of shoes, teenagers nowadays are very fashion conscious and brand aware. As a parent, knowing your teenager is stepping out in quality school shoes that are not only fashionable but are comfortable, good in the outdoors and kind to their feet, is reassuring.

Invest in quality. 

Investing in quality footwear for your children’s back to school shoes is important. What their shoe is made of matters for the well-being of their feet.

Trends come and go with teenagers but you can’t go wrong with a classic brogue, making it the shoe of choice, for stylish young men, for the 2015/2016 school term.

The brogue shoe, made of leather, is available as black shoes or brown shoes and will make your teenager look smart all year round. And whatsmore, the brogue shoe is low maintenance – simply apply some Collonil shoe cream and they’re as good as new.

Shop our range of black and brown leather shoes to get the back to school shoes your teenager needs. And, why not treat yourself to a pair while you’re at it? Armed with your “does-it-all new shoes” you’ll be ready to take on whatever the new school term throws at you as a parent with comfort and style.