When you invest in a pair of shoes, you expect to get your money’s worth. A good pair of shoes can last you a very long time; and a bespoke pair of shoes are an investment that will keep on giving in the long run. However, we can’t expect our shoes to stay in perfect condition without a little help here and there. This is where expert shoe care comes in. Taking good care of your handmade men’s shoes will only take 5 minutes, and it’ll definitely extend their lifespan. Here are some of our top shoe care tips for when it comes to looking after your lovely new footwear.

Remember to give your shoes a break from time to time. Shoes work hard, especially work shoes. Make sure to give them a rest once a week or so; allow the leather to breathe, and allow the shoes time to get rid of the moisture caused by your feet. Even one day off a week can extend your shoes’ lifetime; why not try alternating between two pairs? You’ll find they’ll last twice as long, and will ensure you don’t get stuck in a shoe style rut.

Cedar shoe trees are a great way of extending your shoes lifespan. Shoe trees help the leather to hold its shape, and ensure that the leather does not wrinkle or crack. While plastic alternatives are available, cedar shoe trees are the best option; cedar wood actually removes moisture from the shoes, and makes sure that your shoes stay smelling great, by replacing any odours with a fresh cedar scent. A plastic shoe tree will only assist in holding the shoes shape; not wicking moisture away from the insides of the shoe. Cedar shoe trees can extend the life of your leather shoes by up to three times, so they really are a wise investment for any handcrafted shoe owner.

Shoe cream and wax polish are also essentials when caring for any set of leather men’s footwear. Shoe cream offers a wide range of colours, and helps to moisturise the leather, and keep the colours of the shoe bright and vibrant. Wax, on the other hand, keeps the shoes shiny and helps to keep your shoes looking brand new. However; you don’t have to pick just one; wax and cream are the perfect shoe care partners. Apply shoe cream first, and leave to soak in and dry; preferably removing your shoes laces. Once they’ve dried, treat the leather with some wax polish. Trust us; your shoes will thank you.

Luckily, Robinson's offer complete shoe care kits for your handcrafted shoes, if you’re stuck on where to start: in here, you’ll find everything to keep your shoes in top shape. Once you’ve learned to take good care of your leather shoes, you’ll be surprised by how much longer they last. Start to show your shoes some TLC and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how they repay you!