We all have a favourite pair of shoes – the ones that have seen us through job interviews, nights out, first dates and have now become so moulded to our feet it’s hard to tell where the shoe stops and you begin. But your poor shoes need a break every now and again, and when you do eventually take them off, make sure you check them out for any damage that will need repaired if you intend to keep them around for another while longer. Here’s the most common shoe repairs you should be looking out for to keep your precious shoes looking great.


Your laces aren’t invincible and over time they will get weaker and possibly fray or snap. Check them out every now and again for quality and if you notice them looking a little worse for wear, get them replaced, otherwise you’ll risk looking like a cartoon character with a piece of string laced through his shoes until you get proper laces.


If you’ve added insoles into your shoes to help them fit better, to absorb odour, or maybe even fleecy ones to add a bit more warmth to your shoes this winter, remember to replace them regularly so that they don’t start to smell. Custom-made orthotics inserts to correct gait or back complaints are slightly different, and will normally last for a few years before they need to be replaced.

Worn down heels

If you have quite a heavy tread when you walk, then you might find that the heels of your shoes and boots get worn down more quickly, or even crack if left for too long in their damaged state. Uneven wearing of your heels can also be an indication of gait or back problems, so always get your soles repaired when you notice them wearing out. For women in heels, you’ll want to get your heels repaired before they wear down to the metal rods, otherwise you can seriously damage your shoes beyond repair.

Sole replacement

Worn down, cracked soles can leak and be uncomfortable, so if you love your shoes treat them well and get them re-soled when necessary. If you’ve purchased a pair of shoes from Barker, they are proud to offer a full refurbishment service for most of its shoes, which can be stripped and re constructed on the original last by the craftsmen who originally made them. Find out more about this service from their website.

Stitching coming apart

If your shoes are worn in and the stitching is starting to come apart through wear and tear, damage or age, you’ll need to get this repaired by a cobbler with either hand sewn stitching equipment, or machine sewn stitching depending on the type used on your particular shoe. Never attempt to do this yourself, you’ll end up ruining your favourite shoes forever.