There are so many of us who pay out good money to buy new quality shoes that will last. But we fail to invest in the nifty accessory that will give them longevity – the shoe tree. The importance of the shoe tree is often overlooked but in order to maintain the shape and maximise the lifespan of the shoe, it is vital to store them correctly.

The good news is that you really only need to invest in one pair of cedar shoe trees as they should be used only on recently worn shoes for around two hours. During this time the cedar shoe tree will draw out any unwanted moisture from the leather which will help with any odour and will dry the shoe out to the original shape. Some shoe trees have a split toe and fully shaped heel so that the tree fits perfectly with the shoe.

And before you think it all sounds too much of a gimmick, hear us out!

You are constantly on your feet throughout the day and as a result your feet tend to swell. When your feet swells, even though you may have socks on, the leather of the shoe takes in all the moisture (aka sweat). If you do not dry them out with a shoe tree (or tightly packed newspaper like in the olden days) not only will your shoe begin to smell but the leather will begin to crack and go out of shape.

And with shoe trees being a fair bit less expensive than new shoes, they are an excellent investment as they will keep your current shoes in top shape for many years to come.

There are different types of shoe trees but we recommend investing in quality cedar shoe trees like Barkers aromatic cedarwood. These barker cedar shoe trees will help prevent creases and your leather shoes cracking as well as absorb all the moisture whereas the cheaper alternative ones – whilst they might look good – don’t offer the same benefits.

Quality shoes are an expensive investment and you want to ensure you do whatever is possible to extend the life and the appearance of them. Isn’t it time you invested in shoe trees?