When it comes to sore feet complaints, we’ve heard them all, over the course of our 60 years in business helping people find shoes that they love. If you are wondering why your shoes are uncomfortable, here are a few common reasons that we’ve come across time and time again, and what you can do about it.

Shoes are too small

Tight shoes can rub your feet and feel very uncomfortable, even if you’re only wearing them for short periods of time. This confined space can scrunch your toes and lead to blisters, bunions and restricts the blood flow in your feet causing them to go numb. If you’re in any doubt about what size you need, get properly measured. It’s not just for little kids – your feet will change size as you get older too, so if your shoes are uncomfortable this should be the first place you address.

Shoes aren’t the correct width

Most people don’t give too much thought to the width of their shoes – after all, it’s the size that matters, right? Wrong! If your feet are unusually narrow or wide, you will find that regular fitting shoes will feel uncomfortable, either because they will rub at the sides or will feel lose and like they’re slipping. Again, we would recommend that you get properly measured so that you know your ideal width.

Wearing them too often

If you’re not giving your shoes a break every other day, you could be wearing them out too quickly, which will cause them to look worn and feel uncomfortable more quickly. With leather shoes especially you need to give them a break every other day to preserve the leather for longer in between polishes.

Not choosing the right shape

Most high quality shoes are made on a last, which defines their shape and you will find that some shapes are more comfortable than others. Some will have a narrower toe or some will be more rounded, so depending on your unique foot shape you should find a style that is more comfortable. Most last shapes will differ slightly between manufacturers and brands so try on a couple of different styles before deciding on the right one for you.

Too stiff

New shoes can be more uncomfortable as they will require some breaking in. You should do this over a period of time, and avoid wearing your new shoes for prolonged periods of time at the start until they start to feel more comfortable. Read our recent blog post for more tips and advice on how to break in new shoes properly so that you get the most comfort from them.