Entertaining guests regardless of the occasion can be a daunting task but with the right hosting skills and impressive organization, it will quickly become a walk in the park. If you’re a man who likes to make sure that everything gets done right, follow our smart gents guide to entertaining to gain status as the ultimate host and gentleman.

Be the best dressed without being overdressed

You don’t want to make your guests feel uncomfortable by being overdressed but as the host you set the tone so it’s important to look smart and dress appropriately. Strike the balance between being best dressed and being overdressed and remember to put some thought into what you’re planning to wear for the occasion. We recommend starting with footwear and working around the shoes. Stuck for inspiration? Check out our collections of shoes here.


A few years ago this would have meant thinking about the music and décor and while a killer spotify playlist is still important in today’s day and age, the key to making sure all entertainment needs are met is to make your wifi as accessible as possible. There’s always going to be one person who asks for the password and after that the crowds will gather. To make everyone’s life easier, keep the wifi password as short and simple as possible and put it somewhere for everyone to see.

The guest list edit

Possibly the toughest and most controversial element of entertaining is deciding who does and doesn’t make it to the guest list. Assuming you’ll want to maintain as positive an atmosphere as possible, invite the people that make you feel good to be around and that keep you laughing. These are the people you can be confident will keep everybody else laughing and feeling comfortable. Keep the guest list interesting by inviting people from all walks of life. We all want to be the friend that brings people together.

Make the introductions

If you’re hosting a party and have a few different groups of friends coming, make the effort to introduce them to one another and avoid as much awkward grouping as possible. You want to keep the atmospheres as relaxed and friendly as possible so take a moment to introduce people. Ease the awkwardness by mentioning a common interest you think they might have and once the conversation has got going you can step away and leave them to it.

Rope in some help

Kill two birds with one stone and rope in some extra help from the shy friend who’s hovering in the corner a little unsure of themselves. If you see a friend struggling, enlist them as a helper. Give them something to hand around which not only will keep them busy but will make them feel more confident. They’ll be thankful for the reason to mix with others and will soon be chatting away in no time. Pat on the back for you.

Keep it simple

You can’t go wrong with simplicity, particularly when entertaining a large group of people. Appease the masses and apply it to food, drinks and most importantly décor. There’s nothing wrong with putting out a few candles and keeping décor as clean and simple as possible. Small touches like candles will keep it looking classy while avoiding chaos and clutter, giving everyone more room to move around the room and chat.

 Enjoy yourself!

It can be easy to get caught up in the role of hosting and end up stressed out for the entire event. Remember to take a minute to enjoy yourself, enjoy the company of your guests and enjoy the sophisticated evening that you’ve so painstakingly put together.