The trend for guys to go sockless might sounds very European but it’s really taking off in the UK. No more dreaded ‘socks with sandals’, it seems the shoe really is on the other foot (excuse the pun) and men everywhere are forgoing socks completely. But where do you stand in the socks vs bare feet debate? Would you dare to bare?

Pro socks

For those of you who wouldn’t dream of wearing shoes without socks, it’s not hard to understand why. Socks and shoes were really made for each other and wearing them has so many benefits – they keep your feet warmer (very important now that we’re entering the coldest part of the year), they help to cushion your foot against the shoe in places where it might rub, and of course for hygiene reasons - socks absorb sweat from your feet making your shoes less likely to smell.

Finally, we can’t forget the fashion element – many men love to wear colourful socks as an extension of their personal style, much like other men would wear ties or pocket squares, like Channel 4 newsreader Jon Snow.

Bare feet

Then we have the bare feet brigade – the stylish men who have made the bold decision to wear shoes without socks. This style actually requires more effort and planning despite being less clothing to wear. For starters, you need to make sure that your shoes are ready to be the main focus. When a man wears shoes without socks, the break between the hem of the trousers and the start of the shoe is all the more noticeable, so pick a great pair of shoes to show off. We would recommend sticking to loafers or moccasins.

Secondly, the hem of your trousers needs to be two inches above your shoe to expose the bottom of your ankle – this is a tricky balance to get right. You will also need to be prepared to treat your shoes more carefully after you’re done wearing them – drying them out, investing in some neutralising spray, and potentially dealing with blisters on your feet where the shoes rub. Like we said, when it comes to socks vs bare feet, this bare look requires more effort than normal and isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Happy medium

There is of course a way around this look that should make for an easier life for those of your who want to try out this style but are put off by the thought of smelly feet and blisters, and that is invisible socks. Invest in a couple of pairs and try out this look risk free. You can buy these online or on the high street, and they don’t cost a fortune.