If you’re trying to boost your style ratings or just shake up your wardrobe a bit, why not introduce a pattern to your normally plain pieces? You don’t have to go completely overboard however, as the pattern we’re talking about is herringbone, a patterned fabric staple for generations of stylish men and our spotlight this week. With other patterns like floral prints or spots, they can quickly date or look too feminine, but herringbone is the timeless answer you’ve been looking for.

What is herringbone?

This pattern is synonymous with tweed, and gets its name from the zigzag pattern that makes it look like the skeleton of a herring fish. It is not to be confused with chevron however, which is a thicker V-shape pattern that was very popular in home interiors last year. Herringbone has been used in the fashion industry for outerwear and suits for years, and instantly adds an element of understated luxury to any piece of clothing. It has enjoyed a revival in recent years as many designers have rediscovered this fantastic fabric pattern.

How to wear it?

As it is traditionally used as outerwear, the most obvious way to include this in your wardrobe is in the form of an overcoat or jacket, and you won’t have to look hard to find a style that you like. More often than not, you’ll find the herringbone pattern in shades of grey and black, but with every new season designers like to update the look slightly so now you can also find it quite readily in browns and even with bolder, thicker patterns for a more obvious style statement.

If coats aren’t your thing, a suit or waistcoat are other popular options, although these should stay firmly in the autumn/winter sections of your wardrobe due to the heavy nature of tweed which made this pattern famous. A gilet or bodywarmer with a herringbone pattern is also a versatile investment, not to mention practical when it comes to braving the elements.

Our favourite pieces

If you’re not 100% committed to this pattern enough to wear it but you’d still like to incorporate subtle elements of it into your wardrobe, there are lots of other options available from our online store. This Hata Vintage Herringbone Tweed Cap has always been a popular choice thanks to its modern take on traditional tweed. There’s also an impressive selection of luggage, including this Green Harris Tweed Caledonian Rucksack, which is both practical and stylish for gentlemen on the go who aren’t prepared to sacrifice style or substance.