If you’re considering a new investment in your shoe wardrobe soon, you’d be mad to not consider the very fashionable monk shoe as a smart addition to your collection. There are many shoe styles available to the modern gent, however none as instantly recognisable as the monk shoe. Here’s what you need to know about it.

What is a monk shoe?

A monk shoe, or a monk strap shoe, is a formal shoe without laces. Instead it fastens under the ankle with a buckle and strap. There can be single straps or double straps, and is most often crafted in leather or suede and will normally be designed with a toecap. The shoe gets its name from being associated with monks, who favoured this style of footwear over a boot or sandal due to the level of protection if offered their feet and because it was easy to remove. Monk shoes are very distinctive and immediately set you apart from the masses in brogues and loafers, so if you’re looking to mix your style up a bit these are the shoes for you.

How to wear monk shoes           

These shoes are for casual wear or suitable for ‘business casual’, but not really suited to formal occasions, however this means there are still plenty of opportunities to wear them! Single strap monk shoes are more subtle and understated, so they would be perfect in a classic black or dark brown leather finish. Double strap monk shoes can have more of a military feel but that doesn’t detract from their style at all. These shoes are perfect for pairing with socks that you want to show off, allowing you a bit more freedom and creativity with your look. They’ll also be an inspiring addition to your work wardrobe – just the thing for impressing in an important meeting.

Our favourite monk shoes

It’s no surprise that we have more than a few favourites when it comes to these fantastic shoes. One of our customer favourites is the Loake Cannon, a stunning double buckle monk shoe made with premium calf leather, available in black calf leather or dark brown leather. Alternatively for something a little bolder, why not consider the Barker Jasper – a classic combination of suede and leather together in 2 different shades, either cedar calf leather paired with snuff suede or the darker and very striking walnut calf leather and bitter chocolate brown suede. Finally, you can’t go wrong with the single strap Barker Northcote in Castagnia suede for a classic casual shoe.