(in other words, make room for new stuff!)

Spring cleaning should be about clearing out and getting rid of those things you simply don’t wear, or wouldn’t be seen dead in any more. Of course, after you’ve done all that hard work it might seem a bit bare in your cupboards, so now’s the perfect time to start looking at new stuff to fill it with!

We don’t always get the summer we expect, so investing in a lot of summer t-shirts, shorts and beachwear might be a waste. Instead, invest your time and money on something you will get value from, no matter the weather predicted for the months ahead – new shoes.

The new SS16 Barker collection has been revealed and there are some choice picks available for the discerning gent who appreciates a good brogue or two. Here are our favourites for the new season and why we think you’ll love them:

Barker Deene

Spring clean your wardrobe and get rid of those knackered old espadrilles from last year and instead pick up a pair of classy Barker Deene derby shoes, with very seasonal woven vamp and quarters for breathability and comfort. These shoes will look great teamed with a pair of chinos and a light shirt for a smart casual summer look. Choose your favourite colour (there’s a choice of three!) or, why stop at just one pair? These are extremely versatile, and you could wear them to work or out to dinner so they’ll work for most social settings.

Barker Hillman

Monkstrap shoes are really on trend at the moment, as they add a unique feel to any look, more so than any laced shoe. The double buckle adds an interesting detail which is best shown off by wearing shorter length trousers without socks, making them perfect for spring summer 2016. The Barker Hillman shoes are available in three colours, including the very popular cedar and navy calf leather.

Barker Grant

Behold the brogue in technicolour glory! The Barker Grant brogues are available in so many colours you’ll have a hard time picking just one. The classic style has been given a stylish update for the new season ahead, and what better time to experiment with colour than in spring/summer when everything is that much brighter. Will you go for the blue combi suede? Or perhaps the rum and mustard calf leather are more your style? Pair with a linen suit or rolled khakis for casual cool and get ready for summer.

Barker McClean

Going to work in the summer can be a real drag, especially when you’d rather picture yourself on a beach or exploring a new city somewhere in the sunshine. That being said however, summer is a great time to try out a new style and the Barker McClean brogues are perfect for work in the new season. Cut an extremely dashing figure on your commute with the Barker McClean brogues in a combination of cedar calf leather and chocolate suede, or why not be bold with a red laser colour pop?

Now that we’ve given you all these great ideas there’s no time to waste – get started on spring cleaning straight away!