If the invitations have been rolling in for nuptials this April or May you may find yourself in the market for some new spring wedding attire. Leave it too late and you run the risk of wearing the same outfit you’ve worn to the past 5 weddings. Earning you the title of a grumpy miser, or worse - unfashionable. Gents, we’re here for you for better or worse. So let us guide you in the right direction with our what to wear to a spring wedding 2019 men's style guide.

What to wear to a spring wedding 2019

As the number of wedding invites increases exponentially, the ante is raised in equal measure. If you embrace the atmosphere of competition that goes hand in hand with lavish weddings, then you’ll need to be on trend.

Three piece suit

The time of ‘casual’ wedding attire has drawn to a close. According to Bride’s Magazine, the tailored three-piece suit is the way to go in 2019. A three-piece suit will let you add or remove layers as needed without compromising your look. This is perfect for spring’s unpredictable weather.

Bold & bright colours

Embrace the season trend with some fresh and vibrant coloured suits. Stand out from a sea of blues and greys. You can try this by incorporating a pop of colour through your accessories. bright hues such as purple, burgundy or ink blue are massively on trend. But if this is too far out of your comfort zone then try pastel colours, pinks or yellows which are perfect for spring.   


There is always a fine line to walk with tweed. But if you tread the line just right you will look completely on trend. Check out our gentleman’s guide to tweed to find out how to wear and style tweed for a wedding.

Dress codes

There is a multitude of dress codes which even have us scratching our heads. “Countryside Chic”, “Brooklyn Formal” and just “Fabulous” are a few that spring to mind. If you are ever greeted with an ambiguous dress code then don’t be afraid to ask for further clarification. So with that in mind, we are going to look at the three classic dress codes that you are likely to be asked to wear this spring.

Formal or black tie optional

So you have the option here of wearing a tuxedo, and stand proud as someone who has taken the dress code seriously. For a wedding, you can't go wrong with black, bowtie and matching accessories. If you frequent black tie events and weddings often, we recommend buying a tux as the fit is the biggest component of looking good. Tailoring is the only thing that will allow that to happen. If you choose not to opt for the tux, then you should still wear a suit that is as formal as possible.


For spring or summer, you'll likely see less black and more light grey, blue or beige. You should follow suit and lighten up your colour palette of choice. To adhere to the semi-formal guidelines your suit should match, and you should be wearing a collared shirt. As for accessories, a tie is optional but we recommend wearing at least a pocket square. If your suit is fitted then you should have no need to wear a belt. If you do opt for a belt, make sure your shoes and belt are matching. For example, if you are wearing a high-shine dress shoe like the Barker Luca then you would pair it with a black high-shine belt, like this Barker belt.

Destination wedding/beach attire

Staying smart, cool and comfortable can be tricky at the beach. The idea is to look nice but within the framework of beachside appropriate. We recommend sticking to a linen shirt, and tailored shorts, paired with a boat shoe, like the Dubarry Tobago. Sunglasses are a must, so you’ll actually be able to watch the ceremony. See GQ’s best sunglasses for 2019 for inspiration.

We have a huge range of dress shoes, perfect for any upcoming spring weddings. For further style advice, book a free fitting appointment at our Belfast or Carrickfergus stores. Our expert staff will help you find the perfect fit for your spring wedding.