If you feel like you have a signature kind of style when it comes to your wardrobe contents, this blog post will help you make sure you’re ready to impress and that you’re styling yourself in the best possible way. Alternatively, if you feel like you’re in a style rut, this post will give you a little inspiration on what other men’s styles you might feel comfortable with, and how to carry them off with aplomb. So, read on to find out how to dress to impress whatever your style.

Keeping it casual

Note – we said casual, not scruffy. For impressing even when you’re channelling a laid-back vibe make sure you’re the proud owner of a few block colour t-shirts, and not the gimmicky slogan or cartoon tees that just look terrible. Go for loose fitting jeans instead of baggy ones – your jeans should look like they still fit you properly. Trainers are perfectly acceptable here, but if you’re going to wear them make sure they’re not scuffed, ripped or beyond repair. If so, time to invest in new casual footwear.

Embracing a new trend

If you’re stuck in a style rut, take a look around you for the new season trends and see if there’s any that catch your eye. We know that not every trend is to be embraced, and you need to find a look that you’re comfortable with. It could be the addition of a hat, or a scarf with your jacket, or perhaps you just want to try a new cut in your jeans – you’d be surprised how quickly this can change your whole silhouette. If you don’t feel confident about searching out new trends yourself, why not use the services of a personal shopper in a department store? It’s discreet, works around you and can take a lot of pressure off until you feel more confident about doing it yourself.

Professional, not stuffy

Gone are the days when men had to show up to work in a suit and tie – and thank goodness. Now there’s more opportunity to embrace your style and show off your individuality at work through your choice in clothing. If you still like to look smart, a collared shirt with your jeans and a fitted blazer in a contrasting colour will work well. Add a thin cashmere jumper under it too when it’s cold, and don’t forget to add your accessories here – a belt, stylish watch and a sleek messenger bag so you don’t have to overstuff your pockets with your phone, keys, wallet and other bits and bobs.

Formal wear

While women seem to have so many more options when it comes to formalwear, a suit and tie can be styled up very effectively with an eye for detail and the careful addition of accessories. We would advise that you get a tailor to alter the fit of your suit so that it’s more or less made for you – you will see an immediate difference here than in a suit you just bought off the peg. When it comes to fancy footwear, we love these hi-shine black leather Barker Dominic Oxfords, which instantly take your formal look to another level.