You’re a busy guy – you don’t have time to waste when it comes to getting ready in the morning, but you still want to exude that ever-so-stylish confidence when it comes to your appearance. The answer? Some clever style hacks to make your life easier. That’s what we’re here for. How many of these tips do you think you’ll try this week?

# 1 Buying new jeans

Who has time to try them on during your lunch break? As a quick test to see if they’ll fit when you get them home, put your arm in them, with fist clenched and if your arm and elbow fit comfortably lengthways across the waist of your jeans, they should fit when you get them home. This is because the size of your waist is roughly that of the size of your forearm.

# 2 Keep your belts straight

If you hang your leather belts the leather is less likely to crack than if you were to coil them up and shove them in a drawer. Don’t forget, accessories need love to and you will ruin the look of a sharp suit with a dingy looking belt. If you’re looking out for a stylish leather belt this season, look no further than these.

# 3 Spend 5 minutes on your hair

When you meet someone, they’ll notice what you’re wearing sure, but if you plan to spend some time talking to them, they’ll notice more about your hair and facial hair – so take 5 minutes in the morning to make sure these areas are up to scratch. A little bit of product in your hair goes a long way, as does a quick beard trim to keep it looking neat.

# 4 Throw away your old socks now

Save yourself 5 minutes in the morning rush by getting rid of all your old socks now, so that you only have respectable pairs to choose from. When you’re doing laundry, wash and hang socks to dry in pairs, so they can be matched together and you’ll never suffer from odd sock syndrome again – trust us, this is one of the most simple but most useful style hacks to make your life easier.

# 5 Take care of your clothes

When you get home from work or a big night out, don’t be tempted to dump your clothes on the floor or the nearest chair and deal with them later. Creases and stains need to be treated, either by hanging them up or soaking them before a wash. Look after your best investment pieces, you spent good money on them for a reason, so don’t leave them to languish in the laundry pile.

# 6 Last minute travel plans

Don’t throw your stuff into a bag and hope for the best. If you have to rush to catch an early flight in the morning, spend 2 minutes rolling your clothes into your suitcase or carry on. It maximises space, and helps to prevent wrinkles – a must if you’re time-pressed on the other side too.