You might think that you’re quite stylish – you follow the latest fashion advice, you look after yourself and your personal grooming habits are top notch (great beard, by the way!) But there are sadly some style mistakes that are damaging your look that you’ve become blind to, and these need fixing fast. Which ones are you most guilty of?

Wearing shoes too big

Did you know that most men are wearing shoes that are two sizes too big? We see this all the time when we measure customers’ feet for our handmade shoes – and most people are very surprised to find the comfort and fit of a great pair of shoes when they fit as they’re supposed to. Your feet will change size and shape as you get older, so don’t convince yourself that you’ll be the same size your entire adult life.

The solution? Visit us instore today for a free, personalised fitting, or alternatively check out our handy video guide on measuring your feet at home yourself.

Suits and shirts that are too small

If you’re in denial about putting on a bit of weight, or perhaps you’ve been hitting the gym more often and you’ve noticed your physique changing, you might struggle to fit into the same shirts and suits you’ve been wearing for years. These will look too short in the arms, stretch uncomfortably across the back and feel too tight around the middle. These style sins are damaging your look and need to be stopped.

The solution? Visit a tailor who can measure you properly for a suit. If you don’t want a bespoke suit made, buy one that fits you roughly, then get a skilled tailor to alter it for you so that it fits you perfectly.

Not wearing a belt

If your trousers have belt loops, then they really were designed to be worn with a belt. If you forgo this essential accessory every time, your look will continually appear to be half finished. This rule applies to jeans, chinos, suit trousers and shorts.

The solution? Our fantastic collection of quality leather men’s belts, available in every colour to suit both formal and casual looks.

Wrong colour for your skin tone

Just because forest green is on trend this season doesn’t mean you should be wearing it. Not every trend will be compatible with your skin tone and eye colour, so don’t jump on board with passing fads and trends too quickly.

The solution? Spend some time discerning what colours suit you, and then clear your wardrobe of any colours that make you look washed out or that clash with your complexion/hair/eye colour. You’ll look and feel much better wearing something you know accentuates your best features instead of masking them for the sake of a seasonal trend.