A new year has arrived, and with it will be some great new trends and styles for you to try out. Make 2017 the year that you shake up your style a bit, with these new style resolutions for 2017.

Out with the old

Time to clear your wardrobe of anything old, discoloured, ill-fitting or too far gone to be repaired, and make room for new pieces of clothing. You’ll feel much better after a clear out and it helps to see what you have most of, what you need urgently and where the gaps in your wardrobe are.

Invest in proper shoes

Make 2017 the year you treat yourself to a new pair of Barker shoes. We have a stunning range of stylish and practical men’s footwear, all made with the dutiful care and precision that Barker are famous for. If you’re normally a ‘sensible pair of brogues’ type of gentleman, then why not go for something a bit different, like these Barker Jackson shoes, with contrasting materials for eye-catching detail? Quality shoes will always be an investment in your feet and your wardrobe so make a resolution in 2017 to never again accept pale imitations.

New styles to watch out for

If you enjoy keeping up with trends in men’s fashion, then keep an eye out for seventies-style influences, lots of structured jackets, and the backpack should make a return to the high street, albeit in new fabrics and prints. There’s sure to be a new style just around the corner in 2017 for you to embrace.

Personal shopper service

If you’re in a bit of a style rut, you might need some professional help to give your sense of style an overhaul. Putting your style in the hands of a personal shopper can be a bit of a daunting experience, but you can really get a lot from it in terms of tips and advice to take away so it’s well worth the time. Start with some larger department stores who offer this service, and tell them what you want out of it – a look for work, an update to your weekend style, or perhaps for a special occasion.

New hair cut

If you’re happy with your wardrobe choices, why not try a new haircut in 2017? This could be a very simple yet effective way to update your whole look quickly, without the need for a big investment. If this is too big a change, you could also investigate a new cologne and change your signature scent in 2017.