If you’re guilty of falling into a clothing rut, then you need to read this blog post on your autumn style and how to improve it. It’s not just a case of throwing on a jumper over that t-shirt you wore all summer and calling it a day. It requires a little more organisation and planning to truly shift your style from summer to winter and look stylish throughout the season. Here are the key things you should know:

You will need to reorganise your wardrobe

If you haven’t already taken all your summer and holiday clothes and moved them to the back of your wardrobe or put them away to make room for your winter woollies, then now is the time to do it. Your autumn style will be so much easier to manage if you aren’t wasting time each morning sorting through light t-shirts and shorts instead of reaching for flannel shirts and thick denim jeans.

Update your footwear collection

Gone are the days when you could slip on a pair of moccasins and head out the door. Now your footwear choices need to be much more practical – but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your style in the process. We have a stunning range of men’s boots, perfect for the colder, wetter weather and they’ll look great whether it’s for the office or for the weekend – a very easy way to improve your autumn style. Check out the full collection here.

You need to invest in seasonal colours

The light and bright colours of summer have been replaced with dark greens, deep burgundy and rich aubergine shades to reflect the changing season, and you should update your wardrobe accordingly if you want to improve your autumn style efforts. Making the change to different colours will automatically set you apart from the masses who think that adding a jumper to their summer t-shirt updates their seasonal style.

Think about your fabrics

Now is the time to think about your fabric choices and patterns. You can quite easily venture into the world of tweed jackets, herringbone patterned pea coats and wool blazers for the office to bring your look into autumn with both style and aplomb. If you are worried about pushing the boat out too far when it comes to patterns, stick with subtle and timeless patterns and leave the eye-catching geometric patterns to the braver few.

Accessorise carefully

This season, you don’t have to go overboard to make your style unique. A colourful scarf, a patterned pocket square, a tasteful umbrella with a fine wooden handle are all acceptable choices (as well as being quite practical for the most part).