Summer has come around again, and with it, a whole new set of style challenges. It can be difficult to dress for the heat, especially if you are used to wrapping up in woolly jumpers and comfy boots for most of the year. Don’t worry; we’re here to help. We’ve set out some summer shoe rules for men to make sure you stay looking and feeling cool all summer long.

First things first; socks. It’s a major fashion faux pas to rock ankle socks in the summer – especially if you’re wearing shorts. Instead of just using the same socks all year around, try some shoe liners this summer instead of the ankle or trainer sock lengths. These can’t be seen when you are wearing shoes like loafers or deck shoes, and allow comfort without cramping your style.

Speaking of deck shoes; they’re one of the best shoes to rock this summer. They’re versatile and match almost any outfit, and the wider array of colours allow you to inject a little bit of colour into your summer wardrobe. We love the Dubarry Pacific which are available in 3 lovely bright colours – an easy way to add colour this summer. Boat shoes are so versatile, and they look great with almost any summer combination, working particularly well with shorts. Remember; they aren’t a shoe that socks work well with, so barefoot or shoe liners are the best way to go.

Loafers are the perfect shoe for a day to night transition. Many loafers are also smart enough to wear with business attire, so they make the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe – smart or casual. Loafers can be worn with or without socks, but if you choose to pair socks with loafers, why not try a brightly coloured or patterned sock to add some visual interest? Our Barker Morgan tassel loafers for men would look great paired with a deep mahogany or green sock, and the tassel adds an unexpected twist on a classic design. For a more casual, laid back look, try pairing loafers with rolled up denim jeans and a classic white shirt – a combination that treads the smart/casual line perfectly.

Sandals are a difficult style choice for many men, as so many men’s sandals are bulky and heavy contraptions, that are rarely flattering and hard to pair with any outfit. Our advice would be to leave the sandals for the beach this summer, and just stick with one pair of reliable flip-flops for beach and poolside wear. Flip flops only work well in very casual settings, so keep them for their poolside purpose and step out in a better pair of shoes this summer holiday.

Whatever shoe you choose, we have one of the best selections of handcrafted leather shoes anywhere. Why not take a look at the selection we offer? Remember, we also offer free worldwide shipping on orders over £150, so now is the perfect time to shop for your summer shoes and step out in something truly stylish.