Superhero mania is about to descend on the masses, with the release of the latest in the Marvel series – Batman v Superman, which hits cinema screens this weekend. Get ready for some super powers, super wealth and super outfits (ok, not really the outfits, unless red lycra is your thing). With that being said however, there are still some screen style tips you can integrate in your own style, of course we’ll leave the pants-over-trousers look for Superman. Here’s our pick of superhero style, courtesy of Batman and Superman.

Black leather

Yes, Batman kind of owns the black leather look, but if tip-to-toe black isn’t your thing (and let’s face it, for many of us it isn’t) there is still the opportunity to work black leather into your style in more subtle ways if you don’t already. The most obvious choices are black leather jackets, black leather shoes and boots and black leather belts. Black also has the added advantage of being slimming, so it’s a great choice for anyone overindulging on Easter eggs this year.

Wearing colours that suit you

We have to hand it to Superman, he certainly knows how to dress for his skin tone. Wearing strong reds and blues is an excellent way to highlight dark hair and eyes, but it can also work for paler complexions as it contrasts nicely without making you look too washed out. If a bold red is too much for you, try a deep crimson instead and create your own superhero style.

Sharp suit and tie

Bruce Wayne, Batman’s civilian cover, is rarely seen without a well-tailored suit when he’s overseeing his business empire, and while you mightn’t have his millions in the bank that shouldn’t stop you from upping your style stakes in the boardroom. Three piece suits in grey or navy will see you through a lot of business and social occasions where you need to dress up, and of course what’s a slick suit without a stylish pair of shoes? We’ve more than got you covered there.


Batman is the king of boy’s toys, from his utility belt to his impressive car collection. You don’t have to be Batman though to treat yourself to a few carefully chosen accessories to complement your own wardrobe and create your own superhero style – from belts (not utility belts unfortunately) to luggage for a weekend away.

Whatever your style inspiration we hope these tips will help you get ‘ready for your close up’, and if you do happen to go see Batman v Superman in the cinema soon, we hope you’re the best dressed there.

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