“Dress to impress.”

It’s an age old saying that’s thrown around a lot. But what does it really mean? It’s easy to pass this off as old-fashioned, useless advice, but it’s not at all. At Robinson’s, we really believe that paying attention to the details can pull together an entire look. We’re here with some of our key tailoring tips you should know, to help you greet the autumn period with your best fashion foot forward.

The key to a great look is great fitting clothes. Even inexpensive suits, jeans and shirts look better when they’re a great fit. Mass produced clothing, while it has its benefits, has led to many of us wearing ill-fitting items because we can’t find our exact size. Don’t be afraid to get items of clothing tailored to suit your body; if trousers are a touch too long, something as simple as getting them shortened can transform the look of an outfit.

Get inspired. If you’re embarking down the custom tailoring path, take a look at some of the style icons who have come before you. Why not do a little research and see what styles of clothing or suits you love to wear, and tailor these items? Tailoring increases the likelihood of you wearing the item of clothing on repeat occasions, meaning that any money spent on tailoring is an investment in your wardrobe. There are countless tailors and clothing alteration shops around the country, so why not take advantage of this and explore custom tailoring for some items in your cupboard?

Attention to detail can really pull an outfit together. Small details like matching sock colours to your outfit, pressing suit trousers or wearing a lovely set of cufflinks can help hugely in updating your wardrobe. Similarly to getting items tailored, these small details really help to bring an outfit together, and small accessories such as cufflinks and nice socks can be worn time and time again, with different outfits, making them a great investment. Shoes are another easy way to update any outfit, and this autumn, we have a huge range of beautiful, handcrafted shoes and boots to add a little life back into your wardrobe. We love the Barker McClean – a truly unique shoe that’s lovingly handcrafted. And in terms of detail, you’ll be spoilt for choice: the Barker McClean is available in 8 stunning colour options - perfect to add a touch of personality to any wardrobe.

If in doubt, dress smart. If an invitation states ‘smart-casual’, it’s better to go for the ‘smart’ end of the spectrum. It’s rare that someone will look out of place in a collared shirt and a well fitted jacket, and smarter clothing tends to make a more professional impression, especially within the work world. However, this doesn’t limit you to drab suits and dark jackets; make sure to inject your own personality into every outfit; looking smart doesn’t have to mean looking boring or blending in.

Whatever the outfit, we’ve got the shoes to match. At Robinsons, we’ve been in the business since 1954 and with free shipping on orders over £30, the perfect pair of shoes is just waiting to walk into your wardrobe.