Too much jewellery on men can be distracting, off-putting and look garish unless it’s done right, but there’s one item that is universally agreed as being a must-have and that’s a classic man’s watch. But which watch for you? As with anything, there are multiple styles and choices available, so here’s a quick reference guide to help you pick the right watch style for you.

It seems like every other celebrity has an endorsement deal these days, and watches are no exception. With that being said however, there are some pretty stunning timepieces being advertised at the moment, and here are some of the key brads you’ll want to know more about when researching a new watch; Omega, Rolex, Longines, and Patek Philippe.


Watches have been getting bigger in recent years, however bigger isn’t always better. Choose a watch that suits your style, your skin tone and your wrist size. Big watches on slim wrists look absurd, as do tiny watches on chunky arms. Match the strap finish to the other jewellery – so a platinum wedding band would be well paired with a silver finish on your watch strap. Alternatively, a simple yet classic black leather strap will always work well if you wear black leather belts and shoes. Try a few styles on before you buy to find the right watch style for you.

An investment

Choosing how much you want to spend on a watch is entirely based on your budget and what you want your watch to say about you. For instance, how many times a day do you check the time on your phone vs your wrist? If your watch is more about fashion over function, then you won’t need to spend a small fortune on one with impeccable timekeeping. For others, a watch is a gift to mark a momentous milestone occasion, and therefore the history and personal significance behind it are much more important than the brand name.


If you need something that purely looks stylish on your wrist, then an all-singing, all-dancing diving watch that can tell you how deep you are and on what continent is not for you. Decide what kind of style you want as this will often dictate the features it will have – a dress watch will be understated, simple and classic, whereas a driving watch adds style and masculine allure when it’s worn with confidence.


This is possibly the only time you’ll be able to get away with a digital Casio plastic strap watch without having someone recoil when you go to shake their hand, but even with that being said sports watches have benefited from a total overhaul recently which means there’s really no excuse for this wrist relic any more. Smart watches are designed to have maximum benefit for your active lifestyle – from heart monitors, to keeping track of your PB, to telling you how many calories you’ve burned with your latest workout. If fitness is important to you, don’t waste any more time with a prehistoric design.