The worst of winter may be over, but spring is definitely not around the corner just yet. There’s still plenty of cold weather hanging around, so with that in mind, it’s the perfect time to check out your wardrobe and fill any coat-sized gaps with a brand new purchase. The experts in the fashion industry estimate that a stylish gent should have 5 go-to winter coats to see him through any weather conditions. How many do you have?


The Duffle

A duffle coat is a casual winter coat that you can work with a pair of jeans or chinos for a relaxed weekend style. The traditional characteristics of a duffle coat are its oversized cut, its large hood and the toggle fastenings at the front. This cost is a very practical addition to your wardrobe - always a staple purchase and a firm favourite with those trying to outwit the elements this season.


The Double-Breasted Overcoat

Moving to a formal coat for the season, you can’t go wrong if you’re considering an investment in a double-breasted overcoat. This traditional style coat has been working for savvy business commuter for years, thanks to its well-structured tailoring, quality material and slightly longer length which all work towards keeping your suit underneath clean and dry. Double-breasted overcoats also have the advantage of being a flattering length and cut for most shapes and sizes, unless you are short in which case opt for a single-breasted coat to keep you in proportion.


Pea Coat

This is a short coat, which lends itself to both formal and casual wear thanks to its length, its large collar and its structured tailoring with two rows of front buttons. Make no mistake, if you don’t have this incredibly versatile winter coat in your wardrobe you are doing yourself a disservice. For extra style points when wearing this coat style, don’t make the rookie mistake of doing up all the buttons – you should always leave the last button undone so that it hangs better when you’re walking. Available in lots of different colours, this is one of the best winter coats you could buy.



Firmly in the casualwear category, this winter coat style has seen something of a comeback lately, thanks to new designs transforming this previously shapeless and unstylish coat into a more tailored winter-proof wardrobe staple. These coats are typically thick and heavy-looking, with decent linings, like sheepskin, and with a furry hood to keep you warm and dry when the weather turns nasty.



Ok, this technically isn’t a coat but is definitely a worthwhile addition to any modern man’s wardrobe. Keeping your core warm while leaving your arms free, it’s the perfect item for adding over a jumper when you want to stay warm without feeling too bundled up. Lightly quilted and tailored gilets are now widely available, so they make a much more stylish impression than their overly puffy, cheap-looking predecessors.