Whether you live a jet set lifestyle or prefer to stick closer to home for short mini-breaks, there’s no excuse for not travelling in style. Stylish statements don’t have to be reserved just for the clothing on your back (although we’ll admit that doesn’t hurt), so take some advice from us on how to travel in style wherever you go.

Going first class

Getting upgraded to first class when travelling is surely one of life’s little pleasures, and it’s a definitely the most comfortable way to travel in style, especially for long haul flights where that extra leg room, and peace and quiet are absolute god send. There are a few tips to getting upgraded, although these aren’t guaranteed! For starters, dress to impress, be polite, suss out if your flight is full, and be on time.

Stylish luggage

Luggage isn’t just about carting your stuff from one place to another, and a stylish set of luggage will really set you apart from the masses and help you travel in style as you stroll through the airport or the reception of a chic hotel. Check out our stunning range of weekend bags to suit all tastes – from the casual yet classic Harris tweed herringbone Caledonian bag, to the sleek leather Blakeney weekend bag, in black, brown or tan leather for a versatile addition to your weekend getaway.

Arrival outfit

16 hours of continuous travel is sure to take the shine off any holiday traveller, even the well-seasoned ones, so help yourself look your best upon arrival by picking your travelling clothes wisely. Be smart, but comfortable, pick clothing that will keep you cool, and stay away from fabrics that wrinkle easily – like linen, so that you don’t arrive at your hotel a crumpled mess. A jacket is always a good idea, as you can take it off when you get too warm, but it instantly adds a much needed glamourous edge when you want to up the style stakes on arrival.

Clever carry on contents

Your hand luggage for the plane should have a couple of essentials stashed for helping you travel in style – not just the kindle, and your boarding pass. Keep a change of clothes in here, so if the worst should happen with your luggage at least you have one spare pair of clothes to alternate. You should also pack a travel sized deodorant and some handy wet wipes for freshening up. Trust us, you’ll never look back.