Colder weather inevitably means wearing more clothes at once, but there is an art to doing it well so that you don’t look overwrapped to the point where you can barely move. Here’s our take on versatile autumn layering, and how to do it right.

Layering your outfit shouldn’t be too taxing, and yet many men struggle to achieve the balance of looking like they’re prepared for the elements and still comfortable. You might be tempted to just throw anything together and hope for the best, but there is actually some thought required behind this process if you want to pull this look off with ease. First of all, you need to consider what practical layers you should invest in. Here are the absolute must haves:

-        Pea coat: A smart coat that you can wear with jeans or a suit, so best to stick with navy or dark grey colours for an effortless everyday look. You can wear it buttoned or open, so when trying it on make sure you’re comfortable with both looks before you buy.

-        Statement scarf: This will be worn on the outside of your coat, or tucked under your chin when the wind really picks up so pick a colour that flatters your skin tone and a material that won’t irritate your skin.

-        Thin cotton t-shirts and long sleeved shirts: Versatile autumn layering wouldn’t be complete without a few breathable cotton shirts. You’ll need these in a variety of colours and you can pair them easily with other layers.

-        Flannel shirts: Flannel is a great material for keeping you warm, and thankfully it makes a return to the high street every autumn/winter with new colours and patterns. Invest in a couple and you’ll have no trouble braving the cold.

-        Thin woollen jumpers: The key to layering is to find thinner layers you can work together, and remove as you need to, so thick heavy jumpers will only make you look and feel heavier than you are. Thin wool can be just as insulating when paired with other thin layers, so opt for this style instead of a knitted jumper reminiscent of one your nan gave you one Christmas.

-        Leather boots: These are something you should never skimp – no one wants cold, wet toes this winter, and we have a massive range of stylish boots for you to choose from.

What should you pair together

The best thing about this look is that you can customise it to your own preferences and current weather conditions, and with careful purchasing decisions you can buy everything to complement each other. So, there’s nothing stopping you from wearing a t shirt under a jumper, or a thin jumper over a flannel shirt, or a flannel shirt alone under your coat and paired with the scarf. Mix and match until you feel comfortable.

Remember a few rules – always start thin, and work your way up to thicker layers, you should be able to wear each layer as a standalone piece and keep it simple when it comes to patterns.