Whether it’s a day at the races or enjoying a NYE party this year, peak caps should be on top of your accessory list. Interest in classic caps has been piqued this year, thanks in part to the TV show ‘Peaky Blinders’ and other fashionistas such as Idris Elba and David Beckham. The renewed interest in traditional caps has seen people attempting to integrate hats into their Christmas wardrobe, with varying degrees of success. To make sure you’re one of the few getting it right, here’s how to wear a hat and look good this winter.    


When selecting the colour of your hat you should aim to match the primary colour of your outfit. Darker shades and plain designs obviously lend themselves to more outfits. If you opt for a tweed patterned cap, aim for something that is similar to your top layer. Avoid a contrived look by not going for an exact match. Similarly, to belts, brown hats work best with dark blue or grey suits.  A green hat will work will with light brown or other autumnal colours, as well as grey suits.

Flat Caps

Selecting a flat cap can be difficult - you want to find something traditional and authentic. Flat caps should be relatively tight fitting, too much additional space will create a mushroom effect. A flat cap will work well with a waist coat and shirt or a complete suit and coat. On a cold day at the races, the flat cap can offer fashionable coverage.

8 panel

If the flat cap is too narrow or fitted you may opt for an 8-panel cap. Known as the ‘Jazz Cap’ by some and ‘The Paperboy’ by others, it is a hat rich in heritage. The 8 panel is Cillian Murphy’s hat of choice in BBC’s Peaky Blinders and Tobey Maguire’s in The Great Gatsby. The 8-panel has grown in popularity but in style it can be very unique. Hata, a Donegal company have produced some great 8-panel caps this year – take a look at the range now. Their locally made caps are available in Herringbone and speckled patterns. The different styles and more loosely fitted 8-panel mean it can lend itself to both formal and smart casual looks.


The Walking Hat is an Irish Classic and is synonymous with traditional fashions on the west coast. A great alternative to flat caps this year, the sophisticated walking hat is making a steady return to fashion. Long associated with the arts, writing in particular, this style of hat adds elegance to your look.

Choosing a hat to suit your face shape

A walking hat will frame your face, and this will make rounder cheeks less obvious and make your features narrower. For those with an already narrow face, a flat cap may be better suited. Generally, a longer face is best served by a hat with a straight or flat brim. A floppier, soft brim will suit someone whose jaw matches their cheekbone width.