The most romantic (or clichéd, depending on how you look at it) day of the year is nearly upon us – Valentine’s Day. If you’ve got a date with your other half, a new partner or even a blind date, you’ll want to look your best to impress and show that you’ve put a bit of effort in. To make sure you don’t put a foot wrong, here’s what to wear on Valentine’s Day to help you dress to impress.

Get the look

Choosing what to wear on Valentine’s Day can be a bit tricky – you’ll want to look like you made some effort, but not that you’re trying too hard. Depending on where you’ve planned to spend your evening, a pair of jeans and a shirt with a blazer or sports coat will more than likely see you through. To make it a little different from your usual night out attire, why not try a subtle pattern on your shirt or dress your shirt up with a skinny tie. No matter what you choose to wear, make sure you spend 10 minutes ironing it before you put you on – no one wants to spend Valentine’s Day with a wrinkled slob!

Polish your shoes

Shoes are often the first thing people notice about a man, so even if it’s a date with your long term partner, surprise them with how much effort you’re putting in to looking nice for them and step out together in perfectly polished shoes. We’ve got just the kit for you to help you achieve that gleam you desire, and who knows? Showing how much effort you’re putting in might put a sparkle in your other half’s eye as well?

You can’t go wrong with a pair of tan loafers for most occasions, and even if your Valentine’s Day date is just a trip to the movies you’ll feel comfortable enough in these even if the date moves on to a drink in the pub afterwards.

Go easy on the aftershave

Grooming will probably be at the top of your list for a date on Valentine’s Day, because you never know if you’ll get a cheeky kiss at the end of the night. By all means, spend some time getting rid of stubble, or moisturising your face but don’t go overboard on the aftershave. Read our blog on how to pick your perfect cologne for advice on getting your signature scent right so that you leave a lasting impression for the right reasons.