The fun part of weddings is that the dress code is more liberal than other formal events, as only the main wedding party are tied to a set dress code. With that said, it is true that generally winter weddings are fashionably darker in terms of colour schemes than summer affairs.

Where to start with wedding fashion?

The core of your wedding attire is the suit, and getting the suit right is key and allows you to accessorise outwards from shoes to hats. For those who regularly wear a suit to the office, use a wedding to break your wardrobe habits and be more expressive. Suit shopping should be fun, try on unusual outfits, bring a friend if it makes you feel more relaxed.


For some, opting for a colourful suit may be too much, especially in the winter but this does not mean you must go plain. Patterns are in, so experimenting with dark shades and lines can be a great muted combination. Blue, grey and black checks are all great for weddings - choose your primary colour and work from there. If you opt for a block colour suit you may want to add patterns elsewhere in the form of ties, pocket squares or hats.

Patterns can also be used at the ankles and not just in the form of socks, although if you want to spice up your sock drawer look no further. Barker Shoes make a great genuine leather, patterned derby shoe which is a great wedding shoe. The ‘Blair’ is a stunning shoe, as you would expect from Barker, with a fabric and leather mix. The leather is a cedar calf leather, so this a great shoe for navy or grey suits, and it would work equally well at either summer or winter weddings.


Woollen tweed suits are a great traditional look, plus at a winter wedding they offer an extra layer between you and the elements. When you’re standing outside with the wedding party posing for photographs, you will be glad of the added protection. The other joy of tweed is that it is available in multiple shades, and nearly all are suitable for winter.

Our only advice with certain light shades of tweed is to go for a fitted option. The suits themselves can be quite bold and unflattering. Looser fitting tweed suits will seem more outdated than traditional.

Complete your look

If you choose the traditional tweed look consider a hat, but do not feel obliged to go for an exact tweed match. Hata hats of Donegal, Ireland are crafting hats using locally sourced materials. The results are a classic selection of hats, made available in the UK by Robinson’s Shoes. The company also make great herringbone patterned bow ties if you are committing completely to tweed, or want to add a traditional feel to that winter wedding in the country.

At a wedding gaining a fashionable edge can be tough, so plan ahead. When the suit jackets, overcoats and hats inevitably come off, gain style points elsewhere. A belt is a great way to accessorise, but matching it to your outfit can prove tricky. The secret to successfully pairing belts and shoes is to use the same leather, and thankfully shoemakers Barker use their leather for more than shoes.

For more fashion tips throughout the year, follow us on Twitter, Facebook or come back to our journal. Enjoy the winter wedding season, express yourself in style with shoes from Robinson’s Shoes.