When it comes to looking professional at work, many men are divided over whether boots are considered appropriate footwear attire or not. Obviously, we’re talking professional looking leather boots here, and not steel toe boots that are required by law for some professions. What side of the debate do you fall on? Wearing boots to work – yes or no?

Yes, boots are totally acceptable to wear to work

Of course you can make boots work for the office! Who says you have to have cold wet feet in order to look stylish and professional? Not us! In fact, we think boots at work are a perfectly sensible choice – as long as you stick to the right pair. Obviously, you’ll want to keep it strictly professional with good quality leather and design. If brogues are appropriate office attire during the summer, it makes sense that brogue boots are the perfectly acceptable alternative for the winter. Match the correct footwear to your suit style for a perfectly put-together style for work – black leather Chelsea boots for charcoal suits, and tan or brown leather boots for tweed suits when you need to keep it co-ordinated.

No, boots can’t be worn to work

Ok, we’ll admit that there are some boot styles which are just not acceptable to wear to work, and these include desert boots, suede chukka boots and Ugg boots (we’re not sure if there’s any men out there wearing these, but we just wanted to be thorough). Instead, you can rock these boots (with the exception of Ugg boots) at the weekend with some dark denim jeans, checked shirts and gilets to give your autumn/winter style an update. If you’re still not convinced to try wearing boots in the office, why not at least try them for your commute and keep a pair of dress shoes in the office to change into. No one wants to start the working day with cold and wet toes.

Our favourite men’s boots for the office

Here’s our pick of our favourite men’s boots for the office:

Loake Wolf – premium leather boots in three colours with stylish brogue punched detailing and fur lined insides for style and toasty toes.

Barker Pembroke – a classic Chelsea boot style made with high quality leather and hardwearing Goodyear welted rubber soles to keep your feet warm and dry all winter.

Loake 209 – a timeless and sophisticated polished black ankle boot for men, just the thing for keeping you looking stylish this season, no matter the weather.

Are you convinced to try boots this season? Why not call in and get your feet professionally measured by one of our expert team and they’ll fit you for the perfect pair of boots, whether it’s for work or the weekend.