It’s the start of spring which means that wedding season is about to be in full force. Be the best dressed person at the next wedding you attend (aside from the bride of course!) with this guide on wedding style for men. The women think you have it easy – just throw on a suit and you’re done, but we know there’s much more to it than that.


In the warmer months you have more opportunity to lighten your wedding style with pastel colours and lighter suits, so take advantage of this seasonal trend to really differentiate your style from your normal workday wardrobe. Swap that navy suit for a pale grey, or even try some contrasting tailored separates.


Wedding style for men is a lot more forgiving than the usual office dress code - think floral shirts, polka dot ties, coloured socks and more! As long as you stick to the dress code, there’s no reason why you can’t look like you’re out to have some fun at a wedding – it is a cause for celebration after all, not a sombre occasion.

Dress code

Check your invitation for any particular dress code. It’s not unusual for the bride to have specified a formal dress type, and should you not read it beforehand you could be left red-faced at the reception when everyone’s in black tie and you’re rocking your tailored separates.  Black tie, white tie, 3 piece suit – all are valid options for a summer wedding.

Fancy footwork

Weddings certainly are a chance to dress to impress, but this doesn’t stop with just your clothes. Dancing shoes are a must for a wedding, so make sure you invest in a good pair of shoes that will see you dance the night away. If you’re looking for something colourful to really set your style apart, we recommend these Barker Grant and if you would prefer a more conservative yet stylish shoe that you can wear to a wedding or to work you won’t go wrong with these Loake Cagney shoes.