When it comes to formal shoes, comfort is an essential factor to consider. Formal shoes are usually worn during long business meetings and presentations, work events and weddings. Finding the right pair that will feel comfortable even after a night of questionable dancing might seem like an impossible task. While there is no one universal answer to what are the most comfortable formal shoes for men, finding the right formal shoe is relatively simple. Follow the following tips to find the best formal shoes that will keep your feet comfortable, and stylish whatever the formal occasion. 

Get fitted by an expert

It may seem obvious but the importance of knowing your true foot size, and width, is key to finding the most comfortable formal shoe. We all know that wearing the wrong size leather shoe size can cause discomfort - blisters and fatigue. But in the long run, more serious feet conditions like bunions and plantar fasciitis can develop. The easiest solution is to simply have your feet measured by a professional. At Robinson’s Shoes, we offer a Professional Shopper experience where a member of our expert team will conduct a full, complimentary fitting, give you advice on styles and ensure you find your perfect fit. Book an appointment today for help and guidance.

Choose quality materials 

If you’ve never invested in a pair of quality formal shoes you may notice that with consistent use your formal shoes will wear out very quickly. A good pair of formal shoes will last you for many years if cared for properly. Look for the following when choosing a formal shoe:

  • Opt for 100% leather uppers and soles rather than synthetic material. 
  • Goodyear welting is considered to be one of the finest methods of shoe construction and is a great choice when it comes to formal shoes.
  • Cap-toe shoes are a timeless style and among the most durable with a more reinforced toe box than their plain-toe counterparts.

Solid Sole Support 

When it comes to choosing a sole for a formal shoe, leather is usually best. Other types of shoe soles have their own benefits but for formal occasions, we would opt for leather soles. Leather is often (mistakenly) thought of as a hard, unyielding material that does not allow for comfort. Leather is actually very adaptable, as it has the ability to mould and shape to your foot.

Find your perfect comfortable formal shoe for men

Browse our range of formal shoes to find the perfect formal shoe for you; we have everything from beautifully crafted Oxfords to timeless Derbys, so there is something in every style for every occasion.