It’s no surprise that women have style icons that they take inspiration from when it comes to fashion, whether it’s elegant and understated like Kate Middleton, classic and timeless like Coco Chanel or edgy and androgynous like Milla Jovovich. But what about the guys? Who’s your men’s style icon? Here are some of the key icons we think you could model your personal style after, with great results.

Steve McQueen

Mr McQueen was undoubtedly the king of cool and his style reflected this perfectly – very manly and always dressed impeccably whether it was in a smart sports coat or a plain white t-shirt with dark denim jeans. Thankfully, this is pretty easy style to replicate as his classic look means you can wear similar key pieces today without looking like you’re stuck in a time warp. Think tweed, denim and chukka boots, and we have the perfect pair in the form of the Barker Devonshire boot.

James Dean

Another screen icon, James Dean in ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ prompted a slew of wannabies all wearing leather jackets and dark sunglasses, but the style is just as prevalent as it was back in 1955. There is nothing complicated or over the top with this style so it’s excellent for the understated gent who just wants to look good and get on with it. Try this style out yourself with a leather jacket (black is preferable), blue denim jeans and a crisp white t shirt, not forgetting the classic leather boots of course.

James Bond

Ok this one might seem like a bit of a hard one to adapt as James Bond has been going for so long, but there’s one thing every Bond has in common and that’s their insistence on a good suit. We can’t promise that excellent tailoring will get you out of the amount of scrapes Bond seems to escape from, but one thing’s for sure you’ll look great. Try on a couple of styles until you find one that makes you feel like you can conquer the world.

David Beckham

The footballer for a generation, stylish men everywhere have followed his career as closely as his fashion sense, and he hasn’t been afraid to experiment with it over the years. Now, he seems settled in a casual style direction, with practical choices making it a very easy style to adopt. He’s not afraid to try out some subtle accessories too, like a block colour beanie. Try out this look yourself, which is perfect for a relaxed weekend vibe.

David Bowie

The whole world has mourned the passing of David Bowie, and in addition to his music, avid fans are sure to miss his eclectic style just as much. Never one to shy away from trying anything new, David Bowie’s style was very experimental, but he always wore it with confidence which is the trick to master if you want to replicate it for yourself. He was a constant innovator, so if you’re feeling like you’re stuck in a style rut here’s not better antidote.