Anyone who thinks they’re in style hell needs to read this. While you might think you’re getting away with those sneaky style shortcuts trust us, you’re kidding no one. These are the ultimate sins of style that all men make at one point, although hopefully after reading this you’ll recognise the signs and be able to save yourself from the fashion victim hall of shame.

#1 Badly fitting suits

What do you want your suit to say about you? That you’re a smart, classy professional who knows what he’s doing? If you’ve bought a cheap suit that doesn’t sit well on you do you think that’s the impression you’ll create? Hardly. Run your eye over this checklist and see if any of these tell-tale signs are present when you’re wearing your favourite suit:

- Shoulders sagging

- Sleeves too short

- Shiny patches on your elbows and the seat of your trousers

- Plastic-looking buttons

- Cheap lining that makes a noise when you wear it

- Poor lapel structure

A bespoke suit could set you back £4500 (for starters) if you’re pursuing the tailors on Saville Row in London, but before you panic, there are plenty of other solutions to a badly fitting suit. First, get properly measured. Find your ideal fit, and pay attention to how it feels when you stand, sit and walk. Secondly, find a good tailor. He will be able to work miracles with your suits and they’ll feel tailor made even if they’re off the rack. Finally – materials. Wool for the winter, which is the most common suit fabric and linen for the summer if you are in hot climates – stick with these and not man-made materials which will cheapen your suit immediately.

#2 Shoes that don’t fit

Have you been guilty of settling for a pair of shoes that are either too tight, too big or just not quite what you were looking for, but you were in a ‘they’ll do’ kind of mood? That’s what we hear all the time, as it’s one of the very common sins of style that all men make. The solution of course is to find a shoemaker who can measure your feet professionally, and to stop compromising on inferior quality footwear. Our expert fitting service can identify the correct size and width of shoes for your feet, and very often our customers are surprised to find that they have been wearing the completely wrong size for years. Why not put us to the test?

#3 Wearing hats

Hats are another area that a lot of men find difficult to get right, and the result is that they look visibly uncomfortable and self-conscious when sporting their headwear. Confidence is key with hats, so take some time to try on a few before you commit to your signature style. Are you a panama hat type of guy? Perhaps you prefer a casual beanie? The flat cap has seen a huge revival in popularity in recent years, as old styles are made cool again. How about trying this one on for size?