You’ve been loving our brand spotlights, so the next one we’re presenting to you is Brazilian premium men’s footwear brand Anatomic & Co., styled in the UK and handmade in Brazil. Anatomic shoes have several unique factors which really make them stand out, and we think you’ll love them as much as we do.

Key facts

- Anatomic & Co. was established over 40 years ago in Brazil, with a commitment to high quality materials and fair-trade

- The shoes are all handmade, and famous for their unique Anatomic Gel Technology trademark which allows for supreme comfort and natural foot movement.

- The comfort of these shoes has led to the brand’s incredible popularity, and the footwear is now available in over 60 countries


Features of the brand

The most distinguished feature of Anatomic shoes is the inclusion of Anatomic Gel Technology, a secret formula developed over 25 years to create the most comfortable pair of shoes you’ll ever wear. This formula which creates a super comfortable sole is used in every single pair of Anatomic shoes and boots. The comfort of the Anatomic brand doesn’t stop there however, as an additional signature of the brand is the sheepskin lining, the soft grain leather, the padded ankle supports and the smooth internal seams - and all of this incredible attention to detail adds up to one extremely comfortable and stylish pair of shoes.


Shoes in the range                  

Anatomic shoes cover every possible style and type of shoe or boot you can think of, from casual to formal shoes, including driving shoes and loafers, brogues, moccasins, sandals, boots and slippers, so you don’t have to limit your comfort to just one pair. The brand also stock a range of women’s footwear – flats, loafers and boots.

Among its several collections, the ‘Ease’ range is dedicated to mostly slip on shoes, lace ups and Velcro straps, while the ‘Weekend’ range has the best in suede and leather moccasins and boat shoes. The ‘Prime’ collection is really the epitome of the brand, with top of the range brogues, Oxfords and boots made with premium leather and of course the trademark Anatomic Gel Technology can be found in every single pair.


Our favourite Anatomic shoes

With these shoes there’s no need to pick comfort over style, as you’ll find both in abundance here. The black Anatomic Gel Panorama boot is a perfect example of this, with its soft leather exterior and sheepskin lining guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. We also love the Anatomic Gel Parati from the ‘Weekend’ range for casual comfort and the Anatomic Gel Capim from the very smart ‘City’ collection.

Come and try on a pair of “the most comfortable shoes ever” at our Carrickfergus store, or buy any pair of Anatomic & Co. shoes on our website with free delivery worldwide on orders over £150.