Broad shoulders are often touted as one of the most attractive features a man can have – but dressing for broad shoulders can often be difficult. In a world where convenience is key, often our clothes are not specifically tailored to suit certain body types, making it difficult to know what suits certain shapes specifically. Clothes that suit broad shoulders are often not readily available, and it can be hard to judge impartially while standing in a dressing room. Here, we’ve complied some of the best tips for how to dress when you have broad shoulders.

Know your body shape

Usually men with a mesomorph or endomorph shapes are prone to having wider shoulders. However, no two humans are made alike – you may find that you are a mixture of two of these types. It’s important to know your natural shape and how you can best accentuate your favourite parts before you start dressing based on your body shape.

Befriend a tailor, if you possibly can

While excellent tailors can be hard to come by, and occasionally be expensive, tailor made, or altered suits can be worth their weight in gold when it comes to styling for broad shoulders. As a man with broad shoulders, you want to look for suit with minimal shoulder padding, and a slightly longer jacket; this will help to balance out your torso and ensure you don’t look too top heavy, which is something that can often happen with broad-shouldered men.

Styling your proportions

When it comes to styling for broad shoulders, balance is key. In terms of trousers, you want to make sure that your jeans and trousers help to balance your body out – for example, trousers or jeans with a fashionable turn up can be a great choice for a wide shouldered man.

Key colour choices

When it comes to colours, dark colours can help to minimize your shoulder’s impact. Darker colours work well when paired with lighter jackets, as lighter colours maximise size. This culminates in a well-balanced and proportioned look.

Shirts with collars are your best friend

For a broad shouldered man, collarless shirts will only make your shoulders look wider. A collared shirt helps to break up the line of your shoulders, thereby minimising it, and making your shoulders look narrower. In the same vein, polo shirts also work well for the man with broad shoulders; they have the same effect as a collared shirt in breaking up the line of your shoulders.

Avoid tops and shirts with a bold print

If you want to make a bold style statement with colour or print, it’s better to do it with accessories. A bold print will only make your torso, and subsequently, your shoulders, appear larger. However, vertical stripes can work well; just make sure to steer clear of horizontal stripes, as they are famously adept at making their wearer look wider!

Fancy footwear

Last, but certainly not least, footwear can be essential in achieving a balanced look. Men’s shoes are key in finishing off any look; and Robinsons is the home of bespoke men’s footwear. Why not take a look around and find the perfect boot to balance your look?