We’re so glad summer has rolled around again; it’s hard not to love gorgeous weather, sunny getaways and travelling the world. But then the time comes to pack – disaster! It’s exciting, but stressful, and it’s always hard to narrow down your wardrobe into one small suitcase. We’re outlining some of our holiday must-haves for this summer holiday, and we hope we can help you too!

You really can’t beat a button down white shirt for sophisticated style. Worn with a pair of chino shorts in the day or light trousers in the night, it will keep you cool in the summer heat, and we guarantee it’ll match every colour in your suitcase. When packing t-shirts, aim for well fitted tees in light and neutral colours. Avoid dark colours and patterns that will absorb the heat and leave you warm. An open shirt can be layered over a plain t-shirt for a great causal look on days and evenings that are that little bit cooler. A light jacket is also a great idea for cooler nights, and a navy blazer is ideal for dressing up that white shirt for a lovely dinner or night out.

A few pairs of shorts are a must have, especially to any sunny destination. But it’s time to ditch the cargo shorts in favour of a neat pair of denim shorts. Falling around knee length, they’re great paired with a pair of trainers or boat shoes alike. Another short option is the chino short – available in a wide array of colours, these streamlined shorts are versatile enough to work as part of a day or night look. A pair of well-fitting jeans are a holiday staple; and we would recommend wearing them to travel in to save space and weight in your luggage. A pair or two of chinos are great for night-time too – they’re light, don’t take up a lot of space, and are available in enough colours to suit anyone.

Shoes for holiday are always a tricky area to navigate. So many men’s sandals are practical, yet fall short on the style front. Flip flops are great for the beach, but not ideal for walking around cities, and not formal enough for evening wear. Luckily, the humble Dubarry Admiral deck shoe is here to help. Available in five gorgeous colours, these shoes are perfect for both daytime and night time wear, and are comfortable enough to wear all day. Crafted from the finest leather, these deck shoes are also secured with a roll top hand stitching seal to keep out water – great for land and sea! And for a perfect holiday formal shoe, look no further than the Dubarry Corsica. These would look great paired with your jeans, white shirt and navy blazer, for a smart-casual night time outfit that is sure to impress.

What are your holiday must haves? Let us know if we’ve missed anything out. And remember, we offer free shipping on any UK order over £30 – so why not treat yourself before your summer holidays?