Adding a stylish scarf to your look this season will instantly transform your look and set you apart from the crowd, but there’s more to it than just slinging it around your neck. Here’s our expert tips on how to wear your scarf and make the most of this essential winter fashion accessory.


This look is the easiest to pull off, and is best paired with a dress coat or pea coat – basically a deep v or a coat with lapels. To be fair, this look won’t actually keep you warmer but it is a great way to wear your scarf with style. Choose a medium or longer length scarf as you won’t be wrapping it around your neck.

Overhand knot

This simple knot is designed to sit loosely at your neck, so again it gets style points but not much in the way of practicality. Pass one end of the scarf over the other, like the first stage of tying your tie and let it hang loosely at the front. A great way to show off a patterned scarf without being too distracting.

Easy knot

This neat style is simple, no fuss and practical – so a real winner when you’re in a rush and it’s cold outside.  Fold the scarf in half lengthwise and wrap it around your neck, pulling the ends through the loop and adjusting until it feels comfortable against your neck. You will need a slightly longer length scarf in order to pass the ends through the loop comfortably, and the thicker the scarf the harder this will be to do. Also, as this style sits next to your skin, make sure the fabric of your scarf doesn’t irritate your skin.

Twice around

Ideal for skinnier scarves and casual, laid-back styles, the twice around knot will take a little practice so that you don’t feel uncomfortable wearing it. Wrap your scarf around your neck twice, tucking the ends in so that they aren’t visible, then loosen until comfortable. You will need a longer scarf for this look, otherwise you won’t be able to wrap it twice.

Quick fling

If you can’t really be bothered with fancy knots and lots of twisting until you get it right, then simply put your scarf on and sling one side around your neck and over the shoulder. Quick, effortless and yet still very stylish in its simplicity.