Jeans are one of the most versatile trousers for both men and women. Denim has become the trouser go-to for nearly all occasions for over a century and jeans are more common than ever. The only downside to the popularity of jeans, is that some feel they are too common. So, can a trouser that was originally designed for durability be made to look more expensive? We think so. Here are a few simple ways to make your jeans look more expensive, without having to resort to spending big on designer styles.


If you want to impress in denim, you should carefully select your shade. You don’t have to wear black drain pipe jeans but darker colours are generally more formal. Brighter jeans are more day off work than smart casual night on the town. The other benefit of darker jeans is that they are easy to match with shirts, shoes and jackets.

While black and grey skinny jeans are best matched with dark shoes, navy jeans cannot be. Tan leather or brown leather shoes are the way to smarten your look and prevent your jeans from fading into your outfit.


Chunky, loose fitting jeans are great for lounging around, but for a more refined look, opt for slimmer jeans. You may not be inspired by a painted on Rock’n’Roll look, but slightly fitted jeans are much more presentable. There are multiple variations of slim-fitting jeans, generally they define your body shape better than looser jeans.

Black skinny-leg jeans are the best jeans for formal occasions, and paired with a smart black shoe this will keep you safely on the smart side of smart-casual. Some boots or short length boots work well with tight jeans – take a look at this Chelsea boot from Barker as a great example.


Accessorising is the best way to make good jeans look great, and a safe bet is a good belt. Light or dark buckles, either way a leather belt will clean up your look. Patterned belts can prove to be a fashion focal point, whereas plain leather can work with multiple shirt or shoe combinations. Also, don’t feel glued to leather belts, for more casual relaxed events t could be time to try a suede option.

Bright coloured belts can be great for specific outfits, maybe when you are matching bright shoes. View Robinson’s stock of brightly coloured Barker belts here. While hi-shine belts are great for suits, they aren’t the best accompaniment for jeans and can create a mismatched look.


Skinny jeans and short boots, navy and tan shoes but what other ways can shoes improves jeans? Jeans are naturally casual clothes, so don’t wear overly sophisticated shoes, and avoid anything too pointy or dressy. A slip-on style shoe, like loafers or moccasins will sit well with jeans, and when choosing between suede or leather remember to take your belt into consideration too.

Barker’s new range includes shoes like the Jake; shoes which would be equally as comfortable at a wedding or with your denim.