We’ve all been there; that regrettable shirt, the jacket that we were talked in to, those horrendous jeans or that questionable haircut (and thanks to Facebook, the memories will live on forever!) but that’s no reason to despair. The important thing is to learn from your fashion mistakes, and know better for next time. Don’t be a fashion victim, instead read on to find out the worst men’s fashion mistakes and how to avoid them.

Socks with sandals

One of the ultimate men’s fashion mistakes and yet one that rears its ugly head every time the temperature gets high enough to enjoy ice cream outdoors. This look will never be in style, do don’t do it.

Too much jewellery

Keep your bling to a minimum and try to only wear 3 pieces at any one time. It’s very distracting to talk to someone wearing a gigantic watch, rings, cufflinks, tie pin, necklace and bracelets. When it comes to jewellery and avoiding a fashion fail it’s best to remember that less is more.

Too tight clothes

If you think that tighter clothes will show off the best parts of our body, then think again. The problem that a lot of men have here is that they choose materials that cling, and it’s usually to the places you want to try and avoid attracting attention to. Try before you buy to make sure you get something that both fits and flatters.

Old underwear

If your underwear is older than your phone then it’s time to invest in some new pieces. There are lots of ranges available, and if you aren’t planning on showing them off to anyone then you don’t need to spend a fortune on them.

Socks and suits

When you’re wearing a suit and you sit down, the trousers naturally rise up around your ankle area and unless you enjoy expressing your personality through wearing statement socks, you’ll want something subtle. The rule here is that your socks should match the colour of your trousers, not the colour of your shoes. Which brings us to our next point…

The right coloured shoes for your suit

Black suits should be paired with black shoes, and grey suits should have black or camel coloured shoes. For men in navy suits, camel, tan or black shoes are best here, or for something a bit different burgundy coloured shoes work great and are a little bit more individual. Brown suits should stick with brown shoes (but really, brown suits aren’t that popular unless you’re rocking a Mad Men vibe).